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Welcome to Adult Content a ArcheAge guild.


Hello, and welcome to the home of Adult Content!

I will start off with our history to date. We started off on 09/14/2008 as the Lathain Guard a Warhammer Online guild. As the game died, we felt it was time to move on. So on 09/20/2009 we moved on to Aion hoping to find a long term home. The Lathain Guard formally became Adult Content at a guild meeting when a majority vote passed to change the name. As that game began to decline, we all liked each other enough to stick together and play World of Warcraft, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, various PS3 games, and yes even Facebook games :) while we look for our next home. Now we are moving forward again and moving full force into Guild Wars 2 On 08/25/2012. Hoping to find our long term home.

Here at Adult Content we have casual and hardcore members. We do a little bit of everything, so PVX would best fit us. We do have a large amount of people who love to PVP and we will have a force in WvW. If youre a solo person and youre the type that gets into a guild and then doesnt really want to do anything with the guild, refuses to get on vent, do PVP with the guild, etc. We may not be the best fit. We really welcome couples and have had many join in the past.

As the name suggests we are a group of adults, Ventrilo can get rowdy but controlled. We have a good time, and expect our members to socialize. Ventrilo and a working microphone are a requirement as well as membership to the guild forum. We also have a guild Facebook page. Only members are allowed to be invited.

We have members in the Eastern, Central and Mountain Time zones currently. Here you will find a relaxed environment with members that are likely to become lifelong friends.

Come and drop in and say hi. If you feel we might be a good fit for you, go to our forum and fill out an application. We have monthly guild meetings while we wait for GW2 to launch. You may join us and see if were the right group for you. We are also looking for other guilds like us to form an alliance with. Go to our forum and fill out an application and we will get with you and your guild ASAP.

Thank you for visiting us today and we hope to cya in the world of Tyria. Perhaps even on our side!


Adult Content's News:

05/25/2014 Adult Content would like to welcome our newest member Kaylindi.

04/09/2014 Adult Content has decided to move fully into ArcheAge. A new chapter is about to begin!!!



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